The daily operations of a business are no easy task. Businesses must adapt in a changing environment to new laws and cultures. Competition is high and the need for expansion and finances can make or break a business operation. The corporate attorneys at Dempsey Law have a thorough understanding of business and corporate law along with extensive corporate finance experience.

Our client’s businesses rely on the sound advice and guidance our attorneys provide for their corporate legal needs.

Some of our LEGAL services FOR BUSINESSES include:

  • Choosing the appropriate legal structure for a business, such as a LLC, LLP, or corporation;
  • Assisting with mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures;
  • Protecting clients’ interests by preparing and reviewing sales contracts, business contracts, licenses, compensation arrangements, distribution and supply agreements, and shareholder agreements;
  • Providing guidance to our clients on important, sometimes thorny, issues such as personnel matters; and

Succession planning to protect your business and protect your estate.

The business attorneys at Dempsey Law regularly assist clients with the legal issues of their businesses so that clients can focus on the day to day operation of their business and not be concerned with any legal bumps along the road.