Mediation is an effective method to the typically expensive pursuit of civil litigation. Mediation is considered one the more effective out-of-court option used to resolve a dispute. Mediation sessions are structured and include a neutral third party that listens to both sides of the dispute and attempts to facilitate discussion between them.

The purpose of the mediator (neutral third party) is to find a common ground between the two parties and elicit a final settlement between the parties. Mediation is sometimes required in certain causes of action, however, some parties realize the benefits of mediation and elect to use the alternative resolution to resolve the issues of their dispute.

Mediation has many advantages to include:

  • Confidentiality; all parties involved in the mediation process sign a confidentiality agreement which assures the discussions in mediation will not be disclosed outside of the mediation process;
  • Direct Communication; parties are given the opportunity to directly communicate rather than discussing the matters through their lawyers, which can allow for a more candid understanding of the conflict and may result in a more complete resolution than what litigation tends to provide;
  • Creating the Resolution; the parties in mediation are allowed to agree to things normally not permitted by the court, this allows for the parties to determine their own resolution process and typically allows for a case to be resolved in a unique manner that provides benefits for all the parties involved;
  • Cost-Effective; it is well-known litigation is time consuming and expensive, mediation typically only lasts several sessions and the only cost is the mediator’s fee.

Here at Dempsey Law we have mediation attorneys to help you resolve your dispute in a less expensive, less time consuming, and more efficient and beneficial manner. If you are in a dispute and think that mediation would be beneficial for you, consider the attorneys at Dempsey Law to mediate your dispute.