For both a landlord and a renter, navigating through the state codes and applicable local ordinances, which makes up landlord tenant law can seem like an insurmountable task. Disputes involving commercial or residential leases can be complex; trying to handle a situation without knowledgeable legal advice from an experienced attorney can be costly in terms of money, time and a successful outcome.

The landlord tenant lawyers at the Dempsey Law Firm have helped many landlords and tenants throughout Winnebago, Fond du Lac, Brown, Dodge, Outagamie, Green Lake, Waushara, and Columbia Counties and beyond to resolve conflicts.

Resolving Tenant-Related Issues for Landlords

  • If you are having difficulties with your tenants, contact our law office for legal advice in properly addressing cases involving:
  • Breach of lease agreement
  • Rent payment disputes
  • Property damage
  • Evictions
  • Security deposits
  • In addition to protecting a landlord’s rights under all state and federal laws governing property-related issues, our landlord tenant dispute attorneys also represent clients with other real estate and condominium law matters.

Protecting the Rights of Tenants

The Dempsey Law Firm also provides legal advice and representation to tenants in landlord-tenant issues, such as security deposit disputes, breach of the warranty of habitability, illegal lease provisions and unlawful evictions. Our attorneys offer a progressive approach to practicing law that blends our experience, teamwork and personalized service to develop close, long-term relationships with our clients. We work hard to accommodate your legal needs because we know that our success depends on yours.