Oshkosh LAW Office history

Since its inception in 1849, the Dempsey Law Firm, LLP, has been dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality legal service at a fair price.  As one of the oldest continuously operated law firms in the state of Wisconsin, the Dempsey Law Firm is prepared for the future.  After having spent more than a century in Oshkosh, the Dempsey Law Firm has now spread to five different cities through strategic mergers with numerous well-established, and well-respected, law firms throughout the state of Wisconsin.  Through these mergers, the Dempsey Law Firm can provide its clients assistance in additional legal practice areas, the benefit of substantial experience in those fields, and the people needed to accomplish our clients’ goals.  The larger professional staff and administrative staff permits the Dempsey Law Firm to offer its clients the resources of larger law firms located within the “big” cities while providing its clients the “small town” touch.  With these mergers, the Dempsey Law Firm looks forward to its next one hundred fifty years of helping its clients reach the solutions they seek in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Appleton, Wausau, Black River Falls and Green Bay.

Fond du Lac LAW OFFICE History

Edgarton, St. Peter, Petak & Rosenfeldt has been practicing law in the Fond du Lac area continuously since the 1930’s. During its long history it has had the privilege of representing many of Fond du Lac’s most esteemed corporations, financial institutions, and public sector entities – and continues to do so. The law practice merged with the Dempsey Law Firm in 2018 thereby combining two of the more prestigious law practices in the Fox Valley and beyond. The combined practices have already enhanced the scope and quality of legal services available to the public in and around Fond du Lac.

Waupun LAW Office History

Although Buchholz & Busch-Ell Law Office LLC was formed in 2000, Attorneys William E. Buchholz and Alana Busch-Ell have practiced in the Waupun area for many years prior to that.  Attorney Buchholz commenced practicing law in Waupun in 1977, and was a partner in both the Grant, Buchholz, Sias and Hoeper Law Firm and Buchholz and Sias Law Offices, LLP before he and Attorney Busch-Ell formed Buchholz & Busch-Ell Law Office LLC. Attorney Busch-Ell practiced in Waupun with Buchholz & Sias Law Offices, LLP from 1989 until she and attorney Buchholz formed their legal firm. During that time, Attorneys Buchholz and Busch-Ell have served an extensive loyal Waupun area clientele of businesses, farms and individuals. The association of this firm with the Dempsey Law Firm will allow the legal needs of their clients in and around Waupun to continue to be served.

Wausau LAW Office HISTORY

Byrne Law Office was established in July, 1982, with Attorney Terrence J. Byrne as the sole attorney. From there, the Wausau law firm expanded rapidly with the addition of new attorneys. By the late 1980’s, the firm gained a reputation as one of the best firms in Central Wisconsin and beyond for individuals, farmers, and businesses, facing financial troubles. With Attorney Byrne at the helm, the law firm has helped thousands of individuals, farmers, and businesses solve their financial difficulties and gain a fresh start. Over the years the firm has also become a valuable and trusted source for legal advice for numerous businesses in Central Wisconsin, as well as banking institutions and credit unions.

After many decades of practice. Attorney Byrne has decided to merge Byrne Law Office with Dempsey Law Firm LLP with the goal of continuing the firm’s legacy of providing exceptional legal services to residents and businesses of Central Wisconsin. Attorney Byrne is excited for the opportunity to mentor and pass on his extensive knowledge acquired through decades of Wausau legal experience to the next generation of young attorneys working for the firm.


Dempsey Law has continued to expand its practice throughout Wisconsin. The addition of an office in De Pere has allowed the attorneys at Dempsey Law to better serve firm clients in the Green Bay area.