The Unfair Sales Act affects retailers in almost every industry in Wisconsin. Because the prices offered by sellers of motor vehicle fuel are very public, the requirements imposed upon refiners, wholesalers, and retailers of motor vehicle fuels are greater than retailers of other merchandise. The Unfair Sales Act and corresponding administrative code provisions represent a tangled web of duties and responsibilities for those in the petroleum industry that, if not careful, can result in substantial liability. When it comes to the Unfair Sales Act there is no substitute for experience. Here at Dempsey our attorneys have the experience needed to prosecute or defend any claim under the Unfair Sales Act. In addition, our attorneys can provide guidance to help avoid liability under the act in the first place.

The Dempsey Law Firm is a proud member of the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association and has been serving the petroleum market for over 50 years. Dempsey’s attorneys have advised and advocated the issues that regularly appear under the Unfair Sales Act in the petroleum industry. In addition, the Dempsey Law Firm attorneys have spent years assisting those in the petroleum industry in all other legal matters that affect your business from creating, buying, or selling your business, buying or selling real estate, providing employment advice and helping with contractual matters, the attorneys at the Dempsey Law Firm can provide all of the support your business needs.

Come and let our experienced attorneys work for you. Whether you are a jobber, convenience store owner, or in any other industry, Dempsey Law Firm will proudly and skillfully represent you in all matters that affect your business under the Unfair Sales Act.